Case being reviewed at DAWG--HELP


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I need some help or direction or something.
I have had multiple TBIs, which have caused a range of issues to include Balance, eye problems, vertigo, migraines, and other cognitive and speech issues. Additionally, I have been removed from all my duties at work and essentially only work the front desk and answer phones or schedule appointments.
I had my original injury in 2016, but it took about 7 months just to get back to a functional level. I had 3 more TBIs from 2017 to 2018. The DAWG has been reviewing my case for a potential MEB, but hasn't actually moved onward with it. I was told I need to get someone my PCM or TBI doc to say that I need to be submitted for an MEB. Here is my problem. My TBI doc is under the assumption that I don't want an MEB, which has been the complete opposite of everything I have requested. My PCM is too worried about my depression to think of anything else and I am pretty sure he thinks that I am intentionally getting head injuries, which isn't the case. I have had a witness for every injury except the most recent one. I need some direction on how to make them push forward with an MEB. I was told I need something n my records that says I should be sent for an MEB, but I don't know how to go about getting that done.


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you have no power. I had to beg and deal with depression for over 1.5 years to finally get pushed into a MEB. Then the MEB was offered and I accepted, my commander was on my side as well since I explained to him too and applied for early sep but he refused and said I needed to go to a MEB.


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Thanks for posting such a detailed time line. it seems like once the package is sent to AFPC the ball gets rolling a little bit. They submitted my stuff to medical standards yesterday. At this point I just want it to be over.
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