Case Timeline


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Knee Injury in NG in Feb 04 left Service without PEB
Aug 07 Re-Enlisted on Waiver after Brother In-Law Lost life in Iraq
Nov 08 Knee Surgery- would not heal
Feb 09 started MEB
Apr 09 I was rear ended in a MVA serious injuries
May 12,2009 MEB Paused for optimal treatment From MVA
July 10,2009 Sent to WTU
July 15,2009 MEB Started Again
Aug 26,2009 MEB Paused for more treatment from MVA
April 21,2010 Packet sent to PEB
April 24,2010 Packet sent back to MTF for 4 Addendums
July 19,2010 Addendums sent to PEB
Aug 5,2010 Finally got the call from my PEBLO
70% TDRL with Seizure and Knees permanent but Migraines listed unstable at
30%, Seizures 50% and BI Knees 20%, I am glad it is finally over it has been a
long process. I appreciate everyone on here helping me stay sane for the last
427 Days and good luck to you all, God Bless.

Jason Perry

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Congratulations! Hope all goes well for you in retirement. Hope to see you back here from time to time helping others along the way.
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