CG MEB Timeline


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Not much CG traffic here. This is the timeline I experienced...and 2 other members in my area had very similar timelines.

Aug 12 - Referred for MEB

Sep 12 - MEB Report

Oct 12 - Command Endorsement

Nov 12 - MEB Checked-in

Mar 13 - MEB Completed

Apr 13 - Findings reported to me via phone call

May 13 - Accepted Findings

....Now the wait for orders and all that.


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15MAY13 - I accepted my findings.
19JUL13 - I received an email stating my case legal review was complete
01AUG13 - Separation orders on 01AUG.

So the case review to orders wait is roughly 60-90 days. After going through this the only advice I have is if you have new medical info get those records ready to send to the MEB. Contact the MEB liaison anytime you have questions or just want an update.
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