Chapter 2. Post med evals


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Good evening,

I posted in here not to long back prior to any medical appointments or MH evals happened, more just looking for some sort of idea of what was going to go on.

Fast forward, went to my parent command - physical evals and mental health evals were performed. The Med Group put a package together and sent it down to their HQ to assign me to an AMTU also called a patient squadron. Recommendation for that is having to have another ankle surgery that will have me down for 3-6months, a L4/L5 disc fusion that could have me down for 6-12 months (those numbers are their numbers, as put on the application), and additionally PTSD treatment. They are okay with the treatments I’ve received locally however, they saw me and deemed that I needed more treatment which I don’t disagree with.

So now, here I am in limbo waiting to find out if I’ll be assigned to a AMTU, and also if I am assigned - letting them decide whether or not they want to do the surgeries then MEB me, or proceed with the MEB at the new duty station and have the surgeries done after I’m out.

MH evals seemed me unit for duty, I’ve been placed on a profile in regards to arming up and such, and now I’m just sitting around again. Knowing they eventually yes, I will be boarded. I’m going to making inquiries to a particular office to open up a dialogue so I can be covered as I go thru whatever will be. Any additional advice? I’ve requested all the paperwork they put together to maintain just in case somehow it “disappears”. They are pushing the MEB to wherever I go next, I guess I’m just trying to absorb everything and also search for potentials of “what’s next”?

Any information, ideas, hell.. just thoughts would be great. I’m not fighting the MEB.. the only thing I really can hope for is retirement versuses separation but I know that’s out of my hands.
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