Chapter 5-17, reclass or MED Board?


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Hello Everyone,

I am posting this for my wife. She is currently in AIT for 68W but has not started any of her 68W training because of an injury she sustained during basic training. She has been on profile for around 8 weeks now and goes to PT multiple times a week but is not showing any improvement. Her physical therapist diagnosed her with T-4 Syndrome, which is causing my wife's hands and arms to go numb when doing almost any activity involving her hands and arms (pushing ups, raising arms above head, carrying food tray, drinking from a cup). She has not had any real time to properly heal and they are already initiating the 5-17 paperwork. She wants to finish training and the 5-17 will allow her to come home, heal, and return to AIT after 6 months but before 24 months (I think this is correct after what I have found on the internet). I am worried because what if she does not heal, and since the 5-17 does not allow her to continue her military insurance or receive any severance pay we would be screwed. She is going to a neurologist this week, and I find it odd that they have started the paperwork without finding any evidence of a problem through a doctor (only the PT). All scans have come back negative. Yes she is hurt, but if she gets separated without any documentation that sounds a little sketchy when is comes to claiming VA benefits later. Her injury is a glorified pinched nerve that should heal if given the proper time and rest, which she is currently not receiving at AIT. Any guidance on this would be appreciated. Thanks, questions below.

Is it a good path to take the 5-17, come home and heal, and return to AIT or is that too risky?
Can she stop the 5-17, ask to recycle or reclass into a new MOS (one less physically demanding), heal and continue training without ever being separated?
MED Board is the last option since she wants to be in the army and serve.


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No nothing short of finishing her contract is a good deal, the 5-17 just allows the commander to push out service members who have too many medical problems but lack the evidence to back it up. The more complicated the issues the more likely they would go this route its an honorable discharge but the VA may not pay anything if the problems are considered EPTS.
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