Chapter 61 Retirement and Concurrent Reciept


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I know there is a lot of confusion right now regarding Concurrent Receipt for Chapter 61 retirees. This confusion is caused by the fact there are several bills in the works on the Hill not to mention the Dole-Shalahla report and the VDBC report.

So, here's the current bottom line.

House version of the 2008 NDAA provides for CRSC for Ch61 retirees with more than 15 years of service and rated at 60% or more for a combat related disability.

The Senate's version does not provide any relief to Ch61 retirees.

Both versions are currently in the Joint Committee and the result be sent to the President for his promised veto. I do not know if there will be any concurrent receipt included in the final bill.

The reports from the commissions have not generated any concurrent receipt bills, at this point.

There is a bill which has been hanging around in the House since February which will eliminate all of the various bills that piece meal the concurrent receipt. It is H.R. 333, Veterans Disability Tax Termination Act. If the House simply gets this bill through, there will never be an issue on current receipt again.

I think that about covers it at this moment. I'll put in updates as I find out more.


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The VDBC will be briefing the House on the 10th and the Senate on the 17th. Keep your eyes glued to CSPAN for coverage as CR was a major issue in their report.

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