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Civilian Diagnoses and Post Concussion Syndrome


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BLUF: How are civilian diagnoses considered during the MEB and/or VA rating process? Is diagnosis of Post Concussion Syndrome and residuals indicative of a TBI?

I am an active duty sailor being referred for MEB for chronic PTSD by my MTF psychiatrist. They are confident it will go to MEB and both my command and medical team are confident I will be retired.

I'd recently been diagnosed with Narcolepsy with cataplexy by a civilian sleep doctor/pulmonologist and have a previous diagnosis of post concussion syndrome by a civilian civilian neurologist. A MTF neurologist has noted that the information from the civilian provider is credible in his notes, however, the MTF sleep docs disagree with the Narcolepsy diagnosis and I am no longer being treated. They do, however, note that I have a history of Narcolepsy in my records. Unfortunately, the medications prescribed for narcolepsy were the only ones that gave me any sort of improvement. Will the VA consider my history of Narcolepsy and previous sleep studies for rating, or does the MTF have final say?

Also, is a diagnosis of Post Concussion Syndrome enough to receive a rating for TBI? If not, can supplemental testimony from others I was deployed with sufficient for the rating?

Thank you for your help.


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You should ask your civilian doctor for a copy of your medical records. Ensure COPIES of these documents are included in your medical records. When you meet with the MSC (VA rep) and claim tall conditions, including those in your civilian medical records.


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Thank you for your quick response! I have copies of all these records and will have them put into my record this week.

Do you have any insight into post concussion syndrome as it relates to TBI? My understanding is that TBI is the actual incident which can lead to concussion and if symptoms don’t improve may lead to post concussion syndrome?

ie: similar to how traumatic event > adjustment disorder > PTSD; TBI > concussion > post concussion syndrome?