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Is there anyone here that is willing to be included and help to start a Class Action Law Suit against the DOD, USAF, Army ext to include active duty and reserve component members that have been denied their legal rights under the corrupt medical board system.
With the vast number of people on this and many other forums, we can easily come up with the numbers we need to have a class action suit. We MUST band together or we will continue to fall individually. We MUST be large and strong enough to get our combined voices heard by the media in order for any action to be taken by the courts and congress!

Case in point:
5 years in LOD status with zero help or care from DOD, no pay no medical no retirement points
Injured while on active duty orders over 30 days
All service-connected injuries while engaged in combat and/or hazardous duties
Military assigned and paid for "legal" council (IE "MY" lawyers), admits that the boards do not and refuse to follow U.S. laws or regulations (USC Title 10, DODI's and AFI's)
The intentional destruction of military records to include medical, tdy, deployment