Close to retirement with medical issues


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I have 1 year and four months until my retirement date. When I was younger I had back issues and the senior NCOs would never let us go to the doctor when we injured ourselves. they would say suck it up buttercup. For the past ten years my back has been bothering me more and more each day. Most of the time I just dealt with the daily pain because it was livable or the few times I went to the doctor about they would just give me 800mg of Motrin that wouldn’t help at all. So know here I am close to my 20 and my back has gotten worse and instead of a dull pain that I can manage it now shooting down my leg. I’m terrified that if I go to the doctor and get seen properly they will try to medically retire me to save money over the long run. Is this a possiblity?


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Go to the doc. You need to start documenting it now so at least u get paid for it from the VA later. If u don’t document early and often the the VA may not recognize it. If they put you in for a MEB you will probably make it to 20 anyway while everything goes through the process and all the appointments


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Go to the doc. Somethings can be fixed. Sometimes excessive delay reduces the likelihood of successful medical treatment. MEBs don't get started quickly, nor do they go fast. Your health is to important to sacrifice!
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