CND(6203.2) for Depression???


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I'll try to keep this short to start. I'm a bit confused about my admin sep (Nov 2007)from the USMC, and could use a bit of clarification. I was separated as an E-3 for a CND (6203.2) for a dysthymic disorder (EPTS) with an honorable characterization a few days prior to hitting two years. I was promptly rated at %70 by the VA for Major Depressive Disorder they considered to be aggravated or incurred during service. I cannot seem to find any examples of this type of separation being used for depression. It never sat well with me. How can the VA rate me at %70, but the Marine Corps not even rate me? Why was I not separated medically? Was this right? If not, Is there even any fixing something like this? To whom can I actually speak that would be able to help me sort this mess? I feel like I can't move on with my life (mentally and medically)until I get answers no one ever seems to have.
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