COAD or med board?


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I will have 20 years in August of 2018 so I put in a COAD so I can get a full retirement. A week after it was sent up by my PEBLO I got a notice from transitions saying I was being kicked out by January. I only got 20 percent for a broken foot so I really want to stay in until I retire. My PEBLO says all we can do is wait on an answer. Is there any other options? I would hate for them to say no to the COAD for some weird reason and then I am scrambling around for a job, clear and also I want to enjoy the holidays without this hanging over me. Any suggestions are appreciated and this is an excellent forum. Matt


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Matt, review AR 635-40 CH 6 and DA PAM 635-40 CH 4. It lays out the requirements and conditions under which you are eligible to apply for COAD and the guidelines/intent of the program. Good Luck!

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