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Hello all, just throwing this out there to get more info.
So, I'm a Army Staff Sergeant, recently med-boarded with 19 years and 5 months of active duty. I was awarded 30% from the Army and 70% from the VA for disability.

Looking at the Estimated Disability Compensation Worksheet
YOS (Years of Service): 2.5%x19.5x$3,724.20 = $1,815.54
PDR (30%): 30 x $3,724.20 = $1117.26

Highest Retired Pay is awarded ---> $1,815.54

Looking at VA Compensation Benefit Rate Table
70% with Spouse & Child: $1,530.71

Now, lets see if I have this correct, at the End of the Month when I retire, I will be getting my Army Retirement Pay ($1815.54) until VA pay reports how much compensation they will pay (1117.26). Now, DFAS told me that if VA pays more than the Army, the difference will be paid by DFAS according to which is higher.

If you look at this, the Army pays higher than VA... Am I entitled to both full checks or the difference?

Army: $1,815 & VA:$1,530 1815-1530=285

The difference comes out to 285, leading to VA paying only $285 or is it DoD paying $285?????
or does the fact the Army will pay more than VA and I get both "full" pay checks.

So if anyone can break this down "Barney-Style" I can sleep better tonight. Thanks!


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19 years 5 months and your already out on TDRL/PDRL, or 19 and 5 and you just got your ratings? Your earnings are going to be entirely different given the answer. If you can make it to 20, you'll collect both DOD and VA, a whole lot more than if you don finish 20.


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If you can make it to twenty years, you would get both. Have you filed for Continuation on Active Duty (COAD) to get to twenty? Have you appealed your case at all. Do you agree none of the other conditions contribute to your unfitness?

Are any of the conditions compensated by the VA combat related?

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