"Complex Vestibular" Conditions


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Hi everyone, I am new to the forum but about half way (maybe) through the IDES process. I am USAF AD. I was an F-15E WSO for 6.5 years and transitioned to AFOSI after severe barotrauma in Afghanistan while flying. I have served for 11.5 years and am going through a full MEB. I am stationed at Hickam AFB, Hawaii.

My vestibular conditions are labeled as "complex vestibular conditions to include but not limited to meniere's disease, superior canal dehiscence, vestibular migraines, and vertigo.

Already been through my C&P exams with some really crappy doctors, specifically my ENT (the majority of my disqualifying conditions were reviewed by him). He is the only ENT on island that QTC contracts with and he did not even know some of my conditions existed. After receiving all of the evaluations back, I noticed that he marked "no" on "hearing loss and change in cerebral gait with vertigo". He did mark that I have tinnitus (24 hrs a day) and hearing loss (severe), but I do not have hearing loss with my vertigo, I have it all the time. So he marked "no". But I do have change in my cerebral gait (staggering) when I get vertigo. I can't even walk. I outlined all of this information in a paper outlining all of my conditions, how they affect me, and my medical history with my ear following barotrauma. He also marked that I get vertigo 8-25 times a week.

My question is that since he marked "no", will this affect my VA disability rating because I know 100% includes the cerebral gait along with hearing loss, tinnitus, and the amount of vertigo episodes? All of this is associated with Meneire's disease, and I don't believe SCD is even in the VA rating system.

If this will affect my rating, is there any way to get it changed before my package goes to AFPC and the VA? It has unfortunately been sitting here, untouched, at the local board for 5 weeks.

Any answers or suggestions would be much appreciated. My VA rep does not want to help me and my PEBLO is extremely overworked and cannot even get the board members to look at my case.
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