Concerned with ROM results


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Hello all,

First off some background. i injured my back about 3 years ago, had 2 L-5 S-1 surgeries since then and am mulling a go at a fusion if its my last resort. I'm experiencing constant pain in my back and sciatica down my right leg including numbness/tingling.

I'm concerned since i just received my ROM results from my C&P exam and they came back higher than i expected mainly Forward flex 0-65 all others 0-20. I'm not quite sure how its so high since i barely bent forward at all...are there options to fighting this? What would you estimate my rating to be at if i just went with this measurement?

Thanks in advance.


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My ROM for forward flexion was rounded up to 35 degrees. They gave me 20%. Crazy to think less than 5 degrees less and it would be a 40% rating. Anyways, that is the only measurement that counts when it comes to low back problems.
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