How & where do you find out what conditions they find u fit and unfit for?

Do you have to wait until your findings come back ? I just called the VA this morning and they told me my Ratings were finished and are getting sent back to the DOD sometime this week or next! If the DOD agrees with the VA ratings how long before I hear from the Peblo and How long after (if) I sign and agree to the percentages will I get my EAS?



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Well the DOD is required to give you the same ratings the VA gives you.... the question is what conditions they find unfitting. In other words, if the VA rated you at 30% for something and the DOD finds that condition unfitting, they are required to rate you the same. I recieved my IPEB finding within a couple weeks from when I found out the VA rated my conditions. I think when the PEBLO called me with the findings, I signed and returned them, and my command received the paperwork a week later. Once your cammand receives the paperwork, you can sit down with your admin and discuss your PTAD/terminal leave options (if retired) and you exact seperation date will be computed from there. I'm sure this process goes a lot smoother if your command is on your side. Good Luck!
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