Confused about MEB/IDES Process - AGR


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I am an AGR Officer (05 currently) in the Army Reserves since 2004. I have 18 years and 7 months of Active Duty ( AC - 3 years , as a TPU ( 1 year MOB, 7 months AT/ADT) and AGR - 14 years, ) I have over 7200 (7220 as today 12 Dec 18) points and a 20 year letter. I am in a MEB/IDES process. The MEB board found 7 conditions that do not meet Army Retention Standards and the PEB found me unfit for duty. Now my case in the VA to get the ratings.
I am confused on what will I get in benefits ( meaning retirement and VA compensation????)

I don't think I will get severance pay as my Attorney from IDES told me, based on my C&P exam and his experience I should get more that 50% on the unfit conditions ( off course that is not accurate until I see the VA ratings) and 100% overall... ( WE WILL SEE)

I am sure I will get medically retired, but will I get my retirement and my VA compensation now?
Should I request a COAD ( Continuation of Active Duty) and complete my 20 years Active Duty?
If I go for my Reserve Retirement will I get my Reserve Retirement now or Do I have to wait until 59 ( I have one year mob while a TPU)

Can some one help understand my options. I am stationed at Ft Bragg and my PEBLO is clueless about the Reserves...he always work AC soldiers...



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From the information you have provided you would get CRDP once you turn 59. If you want CRDP sooner, try and get COAD. If you hit 20 years active time and rated at 50% or higher VA you’ll get CRDP as soon as you retire.
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