Confused about the appeal process


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So here is the deal. I filed a claim on July 2013. Received my denial June 2014 and immediately started the appeal process. Received a letter today Sept. 29th stating i was granted the tinnitus on May 2017 and that i will be back paid from July 2013. I called to see about when i would receive my pay and was told I would not receive anything until my 3 other claims are finished with there appeal process (i have to do a medical video board). In the letter is state condition will be removed from the appeal process. Does that make sense?


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The first half does. VA granted tinnitus (good thing) but you still have several other things on appeal so its still an active appeal. VA will not pay you until the entire issues on appeal are completed. I am not sure about the removal from the appeals process piece.


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Yes. One of your appeal conditions has been approved and will not be part of your video. After the video the other three contentions will be decided. Once all four conditions are decided you will get paid for at least one and possibly all four.
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