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If you qualify for concurrent receipt(CRDP) your did pay will be limited to time in service or length of service, which would be 50% for 20 years


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I got rated 70% DOD and 100% VA and I have exactly 20 Active duty service. Will I be getting 70% of my base pay from DOD?
1. You will waive retired pay dollar for dollar in the amount of VA compensation received.
2. CRDP will restore waived retired pay not to exceed the dollar amount of the longevity portion of the retired pay.
a. 70% DOD retired pay = $3000
b. Dollar amount of the longevity portion of the retired pay = $2500
c. VA Compensation = $3100
RESULT: $3000 of retired pay (all) is waived/lost due to VA offset. Only $2500 is restored via CRDP. Payments each month: $3100 VA comp; $2500 CRDP/retired pay = $5600 note: CRDP is retired pay (restored)

Special Rules for Chapter 61 Disability Retirees: Members retired for disability under Chapter 61 of title 10 United States Code may be entitled to CRDP only if they have at least 20 years of service qualifying for regular or reserve retirement. Additionally, any disability retired pay that is in excess of retired pay to which that member would be otherwise entitled (i.e., for years of service) remains subject to offset and may not be restored under the CRDP program.
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