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So everyone I’m sure you know my story, I wanted to be found unfit.
15Oct18- refered to MEB
1NOV18-C&P”s complete
10Nov-Completed Navy exams
15Nov18- phone with peeblo
18nov18- phone with VA
20Nov18- Narsum complete
21Nov18- Va Recives documents
9Feb19 - IDES attorney says my JDETS report says “ Post Adjudication forward for Qa” he says that likely means i’m Fit.
14Feb19- I call the PEB hotline and they say that I was found unfit and it got sent to the VA
19Feb19- PEB says The VA received my Package.
25Feb19- VA says they just got the package today.

Questions are
  1. How long does the VA take to do proposed ratings?
  2. If put TDRL, do you have to take the DOD payment and not receive VA comp?
  3. Do you get drug tested on TDRL (For medical canabis purposes) the reason for that is because I’m told your still under the UCMJ.
  4. If you still fall under UCMJ , doesn’t your offense have to happen when your in Active/reserve status?
  5. Forgive me for asking ( I’ve been in since 18) I have a family, house and some debt and this hit at a bad time in my life. But with Compensation, GI bill and unemployment has anyone ever experienced hardships financially after?


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  1. Depends your PEBLO will fill in the gaps here.
  2. No, the opposite you waive retire pay to receive VA Compensation but if your retirement pay is higher than your VA Comp you will receive the difference from DFAS.
  3. No
  4. They only court-martial retirees for serious crimes so far, rape, murder etc I wouldn't live near any installation nonetheless.
  5. Yes takes time to adjust, I would be saving every penny.
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