Could one of the seasoned folks review my VA math?


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Hi all and I thank you all for serving and helping out other veterans. It's great to know there are folks such as yourselves to ask questions and get valuable information from. Could someone review the VA math for me so I can double check with the percentage I came up with? Thank you. My SC'S are
-Obstructive sleep Apnea 50%
-Left shoulder impingement syndrome, Bursitis and Adhesive Capsulitis ( claimed as shoulder condition) 20%
-Right upper extremity Radiculopathy associated with cervical spinal stenosis, bulging disc, lordosis and degenerative joint 20%
-Left upper extremity cervical Radiculopathy (middle radicular group) associated with same as above 20%
-Cervical spine stenosis, bulging disc, lords is, DJD ( I had a 3- level fusion in Jan this year) 20%
-Titnitus 10%

I appreciate the help. Just little confused in the bilateral math part. Thanks and have a great day!


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Great link Dodger thank you. Is there a way to do bilateral on that sight. I will look around to see just thought you might know. Thanks again!

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I got 81% rounded down to 80%. Not including the bilateral and you wont be able to see that on E Benefits, your VSO or the 1-800 number can give you that information.


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I got that as well. I was curious with the bilateral to see how close I was to 85 to go to the the next level. I could do a couple more claims to get there. I'm an E-7 in the ANG. Been on MEDCON orders for a year now with cervical issues which ended up with spinal fusion. Most likely will be facing a med board in the coming weeks so just getting things lined up and tees crossed. Thanks for the help!


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I personally know the retired veteran who designed the disability calculator cited below. It includes a feature to compute bilateral disabilities. It worked perfectly for my situation and over the past eight years I have seen numerous users state it is the best they have seen/used.

The Hutsky Disability Calculator:
It is free.

I am unfamiliar with the other calculators mentioned in this thread, with the exception of the "Arizona calculator".

Quotation from Hutsky: [start] Just as a warning, it [Arizona calculator] will almost invariable give incorrect results. The site managers have been made aware long ago but no action has been taken. Anyone who doubts the accuracy can easily test the two following hypothetical disability situations against 38 CFR §4.25, the combining bible.

For 90%, 40%, 10% the calculator gives 94.6, rounded to 90%.
For 70%, 50%, 30%, 20%, 20%, 10% it answers 93.952, rounded to 90%.

Both are wrong since either situation would result in a 100% disability rate. [end]

An assessment by another veteran: "The Arizona calculator will not always give a correct combined rating - ratings are never calculated in fractions of a percent as that calculator does."

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I will try those out thanks so much! What a great sight this is as getting factually information can be a real challenge. It's amazing how a bunch of veterans with lots of knowledge get together and can help everyone out. Just awesome!
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