Could someone explain the retirement to VA process please!.


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Hi all,

I have 2 questions here.

#1. I retire from the army on may 23rd. Meaning form what I was told that I start with the VA on the 24th. Will there be a gap month in pay where I wont recieve anything?

#2. I have to get sleep apnea put on. Should I go to a VSO and get that added now? Or wait till I retire? I was told that they would not rate it until after I retire (told this on post but I dont believe it. She said she sent the paperwork 3 weeks ago and the VA told me they havent recieved anything)

Should I possibly call the VA.... get them the paperwork asap and ask them to put it in with the final rating? It's pretty cut and dry. meaning, Only need 1 form stating I have it, am in compliance and use of a CPAP. It's auto 50%.

Your guys/gals thoughts?


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I don't recall if you were part of the Pilot Program/IDES. But, either way, here are my thoughts:

You should get your Army pay the month after you leave active duty. Depending on when they input your information into DFAS/finance systems, you may see no break in pay, or it may be as much as a month.

Anything you claim from the VA should within a year of leaving active duty be backdated to the day after you retire.

Not sure if you have a VSO or not. Either way, claim the Sleep Apnea as soon as possible to speed the final disposition and payment of your claim.
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