Could use some help/guidance on if I would qualify for CRSC: don't know what to do


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I hope so. Once I figure out which code it goes under I think I have it ready to go. I really do not want a denial on a technical issue.
Just an opinion...

If you are speaking of:
Disabilities that may be considered combat related include injuries incurred as a direct result of:
--Armed Conflict
--Hazardous Duty
--An Instrumentality of War
--Simulated War

If you cited one, but the board thinks your disabilities fall under another, I do not think you would be penalized. The evidence would be the most important element.
If you think your disabilities could be considered in multiple categories, say so in your narrative.

This might be of help:

DoD 7000.14-R Financial Management Regulation Volume 7B, Chapter 63



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I would apply and just go from there see what they say, I have seen one get approved for chronic cough.
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