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CPAP & Sleep Apnea


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Hello all,

First time poster, long time reader. After searching through the forums I can't find an answer so here goes my question.

Long story short, I was diagnosed with mild sleep apnea through a QTC appointment. My NARSUM states that my sleep apnea can be controlled using a CPAP, my attorney also told me that will likely be a 30% rating without a CPAP and a 50% with a CPAP. The issue I am having is how do I start the process of getting a prescription for a CPAP? Is it a VA issue since I was diagnosed during C&P exam? Is it a DOD issue since I am still active duty? I have a lot of paperwork from the sleep study clinic stating that I have mild sleep apnea (12 per hour) but there is no CPAP prescription. I called the sleep clinic at Madigan Medical Center at JBLM and was told that they couldn't help me since they didn't administer the test. I called the company that did my sleep study (Somonology i think?) and was told that I needed to contact QTC. When I called QTC they told me that my exams were all finalized and that they can't help me. I've called the JBLM ombudsman office a few times, no one ever answers and no one calls back when I leave a voice mail. Any and all help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you all for your help. Godspeed warriors.


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A C&P exam is not a treatment exam. Meaning the VA/QTC will not prescribe a CPAP at this time. If you have OSA, talk to your PCM and ask for a sleep study. Most sleep studies today are home studies. They give you a CPAP to wear. The CPAP is set to automatic and then the results are interpreted.


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Sleep Apnea is not going to be a condition that the MEB/PEB will consider for fitness. Like chaplaincharlie said, talk to your PCM for a sleep study. You can probably show the PCM your DBQ from QTC to justify asking him to conduct one, but don't force the DBQ down your PCMs throat. QTC is a contractor, they do what their contract says and that is it, don't expect anything else from them.

As long as it is service connected during the IDES process, you can worry about getting a CPAP from the VA after you leave active duty (if you are not too worried about your SA right now) and request an increase in the VA percentage from whatever they rate it during IDES to 50% when you get the machine.