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CRDP/ Redux Pay


I am confused about my retirement pay and have been fighting with DFAS since February. I retired in October 2023. Received the correct amount from DFAS, according to my calculations, the medical retirement calculator on the military website as well as the military retirement app.

In Feb 2024, they changed my pay and increased the VA waiver.

Is there someone who can help me figure this out?

The important information is below:

  1. High 3 Average - $5796.03
  2. 90% DOD
  3. 21 years, 11 months, 29 days
  4. 100% VA , wife and 1 kid.
  5. CSB/Redux at 15 years. (Everything I can find about this says I should only be paying 1% of the cola raise for that year.

I also discovered on my DD form 2656, Section 8 that CSB/Redux was marked and not the Disability. Would this cause the issue?

Thanks so much for the help.

From DFAS:

CSB/REDUX Retired Pay Calculation

Retirement Calculator

Your monthly pay may differ from the calculator’s estimate. The formulas used to calculate retired pay are complex and differ depending on individual circumstances.
CSB/REDUX Retirement Calculator

Non-Disability retirees will have their percent multiplier reduced by:

  • 1 percent for each full year of creditable service less than 30, and
  • 1/12th of 1 percent for each full month of creditable service less than a full year.
This will also affect your retired pay by reducing the cost of living adjustments (COLA) by one percent.

This reduction remains in effect up to the age of 62. Once you reach age 62, your retired pay will be restored to the same amount paid under the High-3 System. Full COLA rates will be applied to your new computation, but the COLA will continue to be applied at the reduced rate each year following.

1. Years ago at another site, we asked DFAS about CRDP (now Concurrent Receipt) with a disability retirement.
We were told the CRDP/Concurrent Receipt would use the REDUX formula for the longevity computation and multiplier.

2. The retired pay would be reduced by the amount of the VA compensation and restored using REDUX formula .

3. Rarely has anyone returned to report the results of their REDUX case. In fact, I don’t remember any.

4. Recommend you submit your questions to DFAS in writing and IF you do not receive a reasonable answer with references,
ask your congressperson for help.

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Yes, the calculator above is almost the exact payment I was receiving until they made a change in Feb. I have been trying to work with DFAS and they in turn retaliated and sent a very large over payment. We immediately sent payment back to them. They have cashed the check, but have not credited the retirement account, so now my retirement check is almost $900 short. Oh, and they have refused to speak to me or help me until I repay the “debt”. And again, payment was sent, they have cashed the check.

We have contacted our senators and we have DFAS 30 days to correct and audit and they failed to do so. We let the senators know this afternoon that we have received no response from DFAS.

I’m going to update this as soon as I have a definitive answer.
The long awaited update:

If you are medically retire at 20 plus years, your retirement pay with CRDP is calculated at the Redux rate. It’s the law.

While this is very unfortunate because I did not decide to get diagnosed with the things that medically retired me and prevented me from doing the full 30 years I wanted to do. It is what it is. Also of important note, if I would have retired at 19 years and 11 months and 29 days, my redux would have been forgiven, but because I did more than 20, I am being penalized.

You would not have qualified for Concurrent Receipt with less than 20 years unless you were a Tera retiree.

The issue is that everyone in the entire process from IDES, DFAS, the attorney used for IDES, Retirement Services, everyone to include all the briefings they make you do are telling everyone that has redux that Chapter 61 Retirees have their REDUX forgiven. DFAS even had it on its website that Redux does not apply to Chapter 61 Retirees. This is where the confusion comes from. It’s the Misinformation that “Officials” are putting out and why people get so upset.

PDRL, the director in San Antonio and the other agencies in Ohio, had their mind blown when this was learned today. Because PDRL quoted us the same thing when we called them last week: If you are medically retired, Redux is forgiven. This statement is untrue.
Hello @Bryan1230 ,

1. Nowhere have I read that REDUX is “forgiven”. Disability retired pay can be computed using the disability percentage multiplier which does not include REDUX (my understanding). Please provide the “forgiven rule”.

2. The computation of Concurrent Receipt (formerly CRDP) does use the REDUX formula (if applicable ) and it is a separate rate from the computation of disability retired pay that uses the DoD disability formula

Personnel Opinion: I think all retired veterans should be eligible for Concurrent Receipt.

cc: @Provis