Crohns/colitis on Humira


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I want to know what outcome I should expect. So I was diagnosed with UC in 2010. Went through and MEB in 2015. At this point the disease was minimum so it came back fit for duty with an C2 coding. July of 2017 I had my first flare (active). Had 3 more by September. After the last one my gi dr put me on Humira. So I went back to my pcm so he could submit a RILO to report the change in my condition and the humira but he sat on it because he said that I’m now stable. He said my condition didn’t change. Totally BS. So he just submitted a Rilo. I’m AD AF and I’m security forces. I think humira disqualifying for wwd. My pmc said he didn’t know. Any insight would be great.
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