Crohn's diagnoses

Good day,
I am seeking information on what to expect for an air force MEB.
Here's some back ground information. On 03 Dec 20, I began a process of lab work and procedures to finally come to the determination as of yesterday 13 Jan 21 that my diagnoses is Crohn's disease. I am in a unique situation, as that this diagnoses comes after I have already Final out'ed my current duty station on orders to Langley, and I have been seen while I'm on leave enroute still at my current station.
My doctor informed me that upon arriving to my new duty station, a MEB will be initiated. I have chosen Remicade as a treatment option, which is going to affect my deployability. I am a 2W171 weapons loader, so obviously that is not preferable in my career field. My preference would be to be medically retired rather than retained in the service or medically separated.
The concern that brought me here is that in my research, I've found no distinct classification for Crohn's disease. I understand it falls into ulcerative colitis in the 7323 coding, is that correct?
For the MEB process, should I consider seeking out an attorney to ensure I "play the game" correctly? I don't want to make a miss-step early in the process that could affect the decision for what I see as a preferable outcome in an unforeseen situation.
Any advice/expectations for an individual in my shoes with an unexpected diagnoses that I should consider?
For reference, I am AD USAF and the MEB will be taking place at Langley AFB.

Thanks to anyone who takes the time to share their wisdom.


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When the MEB is initiated an attorney will be assigned to you free of charge and yes it falls under 7323.
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