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HI all that have posted to this thread so far.
I was diagnosed with chron's in July of 2011. Was started on budesonied and immuran. After changing meds from immuran to 6mp And back to immuran again still had alot of cramping and pain with 4 to 5 bathroom trips a day.
After second colonoscopy the inflamation seemed to be down but disease still a bit active.
Was sent to med board IDES and doc's dictation stated that we had a second colonoscopy and seem to be in remission and reacting well to meds.
Board was mailied off Mar 13 2012, and now i have had a few flares and ER trips. Seen the doc and after having an MRI now being referred to surgery to have 17 cm removed from small intestine.
My question to all is my findings are porposed @ 10% DOD and 30% and case manager says i should be getting a call with my findings any day.
Can i still have the surgery? And should I appeal this to a formal board because I now need surgery after my doc saying I was in remission.
Have all the doc's notes and MRI for proof to bring to DC.
Just looking for some sound advice.
Thanks, Eric


I have had Crohn's for almost 4 years and that is one of my conditions for my PEB. I hope that dont give me the runaround. One good thing is that when I went to the VA they didnt even ask about the Crohn's because they said they had plenty of evidence and that it is well documented. God bless to all of you and good luck. Active bud!
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