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Greetings all,

Figured I'd drop this here as thanks to all the information I ever got from here. Here was my timeline as AD with CD. Mild/Moderate classification of CD with some other things sprinkled in. If you have questions about CD ratings, Skillbridge or anything like that, lemme know! With two MEBs under my belt for the same thing, I'm relatively experienced at this point. Thank you again.

Background: Previous MEB - Aug 2016 - May 2017 - Found unfit, received DD214 and then ended up getting decision reversed. Currently on active duty since Sep 2017. Aug 2019 Crohn's Flare. July 2020 Entyvio and Imuran treatment.

Alerted to IRLO and MEB intro - 07/20
Info sent for IRLO - 08/20
IRLO - 9/28/20
IRLO Results // Forwarded to Full MEB - 10/9/20
IDES Paperwork Sent: 10/17/2020
IDES Screening Complete - 10/20/2020
VA Exams requested multiple times with no availability within 1.5 hour drive - Nov 12 2020
VA Exams - Hearing Nov 24th, General 25th - Had to drive 3+ hours for each in order to stay within 30 day exam timeline
MEB Completed - Dec 15th 2020 - Signed to IPEB
Officially Sent to IPEB - Dec 17th 2020
Received IPEB Results - Dec 31st 2020
Affirmed IPEB Results - January 2nd 2021
Orders Released for Retirement (DD214) - January 19th 2021
Orders Changed to Reflect Skillbridge - Feb 2nd 2021 (estimated)
Official Separation - June 2 2021
Official Separation w/o Skillbridge - Apr 19 2021
Anticipated Separation Date Between: Apr 21 - May 21
ACTUAL Separation Date: June 2nd 2021

Results: 40% VA rated for moderate Crohns; Tinnitus; Knee; Other
30% DoD Rated for Crohns


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awesome, thanks! I was told it should only take 11days, I assume business days.... BUT my package was resent this week due to errors, so my days have been reset unfortunately.

i appreciate your response and will be on the lookout
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