CRSC and Hazardous Duty

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I was just made aware through a prior colleague of mine that CRSC isn't restricted to Combative Theater sustained injuries; special operations and hazardous duty qualifies as well. I am mid-stride in MEB/PEB process currently and, like many, I am seeking to maximize the financial position of my family come separation. I am a Diver with the Navy and I have developed neurological issues that are medically impossible to pinpoint an exact catalyst. The condition developed after exposure to water toxins and archaebacteria known to cause nervous system issue. If I am medically retired due to said condition, am I eligible to receive CRSC in CONJUNCTION with my VA disability? What, if any, documentation/medical endorsements would be needed in that instance. Thanks in advance.


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Hello Jake,

Each service has CRSC application guidance, including the Navy/USMC.

At the suggestion of Chaplaincharlie, a collection of CRSC material was gathered and is available for downloading at Supplement to CRSC Information <---LINK to CRSC Information

To qualify for CRSC you must:
  • be entitled to and/or receiving military retired pay
  • be rated at least 10 percent by the Department of Veteran’s Affairs (VA)
  • waive your VA pay from your retired pay
  • file a CRSC application with your Branch of Service
Disabilities that may be considered combat related include injuries incurred as a direct result of:
  • Armed Conflict
  • Hazardous Duty
  • An Instrumentality of War
  • Simulated War
CRSC replaces waived some or all of retired pay associated with service-approved combat related disabilities. It is paid in addition to VA compensation.


Free legal assistance to veterans is available to veterans who may qualify for CRSC. NVLSP has organized and trained a group of attorneys to help qualifying veterans apply for this benefit. Get more info and request free assistance with a CRSC application at <--- FREE CRSC Help LINK

National Veterans Legal Services Program (NVLSP)

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