CRSC and Rank consideration after PDRL and 100% T&P VA disability.


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I am curious how this may translate for me as a medically retired Navy Chief:
Within a month of my eligibility for Senior Chief I was injured in Kabul and sent to NMCSD Balboa where I spent the next 4.5 years on MEDHOLD. My command however was based in Hawaii.
I understand the reasoning behind the Navy putting advancement on hold until a members' PEB decides if they are staying or going out on TDRL or given severence, but is there any guidance/precedence on an extenuating case like mine where I ended up on MEDHOLD so long and ultimately stayed at that rank for 8 years while on active duty prior to TDRL through no fault of my own, and despite being the 001 selection when I put initially put on Chief? Multiple people who I was selected to Chief ahead of, made Master Chief(E-9) before I even went on TDRL 4.5 yrs later.
I am 100% T&P and don't collect pay from the DOD because my disibility pay is greater. I simply believe I earned the next rank even as I served as the senior enlisted advisor of my command as a CPO up until I was injured. I'm not looking for pay benefits.
I just read today that the Commandant of the Marine Corps James Jones had given Lee Ermey the honorary rank of "Gunnery Sergeant" nearly 30 yrs after he was medically retired ftom the Marines as an E-6 and he wasn't injured in combat.
Also, shouldn't I also be eligible for CRSC since I was in combat and being paid combat pay the day I was injured? My PEB ppwk does not reflect it despite all of my medical records confirming my injury occurred in a combat zone.
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You may promote to the next rank upon discharge through a med board if you were selected for promotion but did not yet "pin" it on.

For instance, a promotion list for rank X comes out in April showing you as the 012 selection. 2 months later you are discharged via med board but did not get your promote order in time.

You would be promoted to the rank you were already selected for. Unfortunately, while surely deserved, there doesn't seem to be any recourse for someone in your situation.

As for CRSC, if you what you say is true and I'm not doubting you, it seems you qualify for it. You should work with a VSO (or lawyer) to get an appeal in the works.


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CRSC requires an application to the service of the retiree. It is not automatic. Additionally, please note the encouraging remarks by chaplaincharlie at

In addition to the DFAS and Navy CRSC links, I have included the Army's CRSC web page as I believe it provides more detail in some areas.




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