CRSC approved, payment generated!


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CRSC Estimate:

MY high three average was 4625.
number years of service was 19
My VA disability was 1719.25 with spouse
2 disabilities for combat related CRSC through DOD was 60%
My Peblo sent me a calculated estimate of 2688 for 60% DOD disability retirement.
I am trying to get an estimate of my final retirement picture.

1. 19 yrs (must be AD or equivalent) x 2.5% = 47.5%
2. Hi 3 4625 x 0.475 = 2197 (approx) dollar amount of longevity portion of retirement
3. Hi 3 4625 x 60% = 2775 which is different from Peblo something is off with info provided
4. If the high three is wrong, that causes an error throughout the computation
5. 2775 ret pay (my comp) minus 1719 (rounded) VA offset = 1056 residual retired pay
6. CRSC rate @ 60% with spouse = ~1183
7. Item 6 is less than item 2 (and ceiling of 1719) = 1183 CRSC before reduction of residual retired pay
8. 1183-1056 = 127 (approx) CRSC payable

Based on the info you provided and noting a discrpancy with Peblo comp which suggests diff starting figures, you should receive each month:
127 CRSC + 1056 residual retired pay + 1719 VA comp = 2902 each month
Note that the CRSC plus the residual retired pay = CRSC rate at item 6

If you learn that the starting figures are different than what is shown here, you can manipulate the computation to accommodate the changes.

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You probably already know that you must submit an application to your service for CRSC. Just ensuring you do know...

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