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CRSC Calculation please


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Hello @jeffery_BAMA bama

This is also posted at your new thread.

You asked for a CRSC based on this info:
Can you compute mine.....???
-- gross retired pay from the DFAS RAS $888.09
--I was approved for 40% DOD in my medical retirements. (lumbar back and radiculopothy)
-- my Disability retirement: 06 Year(s), 01 Month(s), 06 Day(s), it says on orders my Basic Pay: 13 Year(s), 04 Month(s), 09 Day(s)
--I receive 70% VA with is $1717 with spouse two kids (this may go up to 90%)
--Approved 40% CRSC per my SF199. although the VA has added secondary conditions to my back like insomnia and sciatica since the DOD did there paperwork. So i may be 70-80% CRSC as there was an LOD filed)
--I don’t qualify for any other retirement and I did not transition to the Blended Retirement System.


1. 888.09/40% = 2220.23 average high three
2. 6.083 AD years x 2.5% = 15.21% longevity multiplier
3. 2220.23 x 15.21% = 337.69 longevity portion of retired pay
4. Your CRSC will be the lesser of
--The amount associated with the approved CRSC percentage. The amount is found in the VA comp tables.
Note: It is very likely you will receive 337.69 since that is the maximum allowed by current law (i.e., the computation)