CRSC Estimate--Regular Retirement, Byran


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Bryan said:
YOS=24 years 11 mo active duty
Retired pay=5736 (gross before SBP)
VA disability=100% all combat related (gulf)
Monthly VA pay=3578
I haven't applied for CRSC yet, but planning to. Before I did so, I wanted to understand how the math is figured.

I assume you have a regular retirement since you did not mention a DoD disability percentage.

1.So...24 yrs 11 mo (24.916 yrs) x 0.025 = 62.29% longevity multiplier
2. 9241 x 0.6229 = 5756.22 retired pay (close to the 5736 you show) which is the longevity
3. 5756.22 minus amount of VA comp 3578 = 2178.22 residual retired pay
4. If your CRSC was approved at 100%, it would fully replace the 3578 reduction shown at item 3.
5. You would receive from DFAS each month as a regular retiree with a 100% CRSC approval:
--2178.22 residual retired pay
--3578 CRSC
TOTAL: 5756.22 from DFAS (rough figure since there is a slight difference in the gross retired pay)

You also receive your VA comp from the VA.

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