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So I submitted my CRSC application almost a year ago via an AW2 advocate and I am just now receiving a letter back stating I am approved for it.

The whole thing has me confused though.

High 3: 2141 (around that)
DoD: 70%
VA: 80%
CRSC: 80%

I do have a SMC with my VA ratings that they have found to be combat related and they have other dates on there such as:

Total Combat-Related Disability: 10% DEC 12- NOV 16
Total Combat-Related Disability: 80% DEC 16- JUL 17
Total Combat-Related Disability: 80% AUG 17

Does this mean back pay?

Also when can you expect payments for this? The letter is dated June 5th, but I looked at my back statement and only saw my regular VA retirement. Should I expect more money or the same amount?


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When did you submit your crsc claim? You can check mypay and it will have the information for crsc on there with a pay date.
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