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I’ve been receiving 1134 a month for retro pay. My awards letter dated back to June 2015. CRSC pay started August 2018. I just received a back pay deposit for 13,5. I’m in no way going to complain about this. My question is, if I’d figured my pay at 1134 a month from June 2015 that number would have been closer to 40k am I correct in this or at least close? Secondly, would DFAS break this retro payment into 2-3 separate payments?


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1. CRSC is payable only when the retired pay is reduced by the amount of VA compensation received.

2. Amount paid for CH 61 retirees is the lesser of
—dollar amount of longevity portion of retirement pay
—percentage and amount shown in VA comp tables for the percentage approved by service

3. Whether VA compensation rates changed

4. Others....

Recommend you write DFAS Retired Pay and ask for a copy of the audit for your CRSC.

Defense Finance and
Accounting Service
U.S. Military Retired Pay
8899 E 56th Street
Indianapolis, IN 46249-1200

FAX Retired Pay: 800-469-6559



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Retired June 2014
Applied for CRSC - April 2018
HRC received my packet and started processing - May 4th 2018
Approval letter dated - 11/27/2018 with 2 different percentages (10% July 14-July 17, and 70% July 17 to present)
First Payment received - 1/1/2019
Audit started at DFAS - 1/7/2019
DFAS sent my packet back to HRC to confirm my eligibility dates - unknown date
New HRC approval - 3/6/2019 with 70% approved from July 2014 to present
Audit restarted
Audit Completed - 3/19/19
I was able to escalate my case after 90 days which was about April 1st.
Received a letter from DFAS dated April 12th stating I would be paid in 30-60 days
Called a few times after 30 days to check on it and got the same story about it pending approval. Called again on May 30th to check on the status because of the problems with mypay not posting CRSC statements. The gentleman I talked to escalated my case on his suggestion (which I thought was awesome because when I did it before I practically had to beg for them to do it)
Checked mypay last night about 7:30pm and my retro statement posted with a pay date of June 4th. So my total time from first payment to approval and posting of retro statement was exactly 150 days. As long as the money clears which I’m sure it will it will have taken 155 days. While the process was long and at times frustrating I’m just glad it’s over and I can move on with this portion of my life. I’m getting married in July and the money helps relieve the stress of all the additional costs that keep popping up. I’m also going to get me a new set of golf clubs so anyone in upstate New York who wants to meet up for a round feel free to message me. Good luck to everyone still waiting and I hope my experience at least provides you and those going through in the future an idea of what to expect.
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