Currently TDRL and about to go through a Formal PEB

I was placed on TDRL from the Air Force about 4 years ago and since then my condition (PTSD) is now improved drastically to where it is pretty much non-existent and I would like to return to active duty. The provider that did my evaluation agreed. However, the board decided on removal from TDRL and severance pay. I obviously do not agree and elected for a formal board. What should I do to prepare for this and what should I do to prove if I were returned to active duty that I would not have any issues? What should I use as supporting evidence to help my case?


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I realize it would be hard to do in a short time frame but my best case scenario for one who wants to fight coming off TDRL for a return to duty would be to have steady employment if you are not already employed. I recommend a civilian equivalent occupation to your AFSC would be good proof you could handle the duties you performed when you were boarded out.I think a stressful occupation that shows your ability to manage stress now can help your case. I would think if you were interested in a job as a first responder such as a firefighter or paramedic that would really prove you can handle a stressful situation. Law Enforcement is likely off the table with a mental health issue.

Definitely getting doctor's approval to come off medicine would be of assistance to you. Coming cold turkey off of meds yourself is not recommended. Since you have committed to fighting for a return to duty and have been given the decision of severance, I'd fight all in with the mindset that if it's not that bad to continue benefits then I am well enough to return to duty. I have been advised by those on this board before any decision I made would be not to back track if an undesirable outcome does not come to fruition. The FPEB will know what you're doing and there is no winning outcome in the end.


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It is strange that the TDRL condition is resolved and the IPEB has gone with separation vice RTD. I think an attorney may be helpful.
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