DBQ Forms lazily filled out by examiners?


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Hey folks,

Just got my VA exams back and I have been reading through them. Is it common for VA examiners to half ass the DBQ forms by just checking off all of the minimum criteria and then making a statement that contradicts that?

For example:
My narcolepsy DBQ states that I have 0-1 cataplexy attacks and no sleep attacks but then the examiner states in the remarks that I have 4 cataplexy attacks a week and 5 sleep attacks a day. I am curious if this is the norm or if I got a shitty examiner?

Thanks all.


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It's not uncommon that's why many claims are deferred as they need clarification from the examiner. If the RSVR decides to work the claim anyway they typically take the remarks section over the check boxes as it's easier to quote the examiner for the write up. This doesn't always happen file an appeal if they ignore the remarks and stick to the check box for your rating.


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They did the same for me... I asked my PEB attorney why that is, they said it's because the VA examiner and the VA reviewers look at the DBQ differently... The DBQ used during your C&P exams asks how many seizures... Under the VASRD, sleep attacks are considered as a seizure, but the medical examiner will not mark it down as such because to them, it is not a seizure, their medical practice does not allow them to classify it as such. The reason why they record the sleep attacks in the notes/remarks section, is because they know that when the PEB decides to proceed to review your disabling condition referred to the IDES process, the VA reviewer will then follow the VASRD, see the remarks, and review them as such. Is that what really happens? I don't know, but I'm crossing my fingers, because I get your concern, as it is my concern as well... I'd hate to be recorded as zero, when I know I struggle with a whole lot more...
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