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Hello All,

Want to start off by saying this is my 1st post been stalking the forum for months like everyone else. I apologize if this isn’t in the right place. Just a quick rundown I’ve been in the initial MEB stages for months after PCM dragged his feet to write Narsum. My package was submitted to AFPC (medical standards I think from what I’ve been reading on here) for a return to duty or full MEB. My PEBLO believes I will be full MEB. She says I will meet with the MSC & VA Rep to do my C&P exams as soon as she gets a full MEB my package was submitted last week. She also suggested I go through my records & find all my diagnosis so I’ll be ready when I meet with the MSC & VA Rep. My question is should I print out the DBQs & take them to my speciality docs to fill out or should I just wait for the C&P Exams? I’ve been getting mixed reviews on this subject. Anything advice would be greatly appreciated. (I’m going up for FIBRO,PTSD,MDD,CHRONIC BACK PAIN & MIGRAINES)


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Thanks! Sooo get them done now. Is that would I should do for all conditions or are there particulars that def need to be done by speciality docs? Also when should I use or turn in the DBQs @ the C&P appointment?


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In my opinion, you should give your PEBLO the DBQ to be added to your file.

Then, once all the paperwork has been completed, you will look over the packet and sign-off. That is when you should make sure the DBQ you gave them is in the packet.

I don't believe it would hurt to take any evidence like a DBQ with you to your exam, but don't expect them to keep up with it and make it to your final packet.
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