Detailed 2010-2011 Timeline


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Hey guys. Meant to post this a while back, but as soon as the whole thing was more or less 'over' the urge to get away from it all was pretty tremendous. A lot of it probably isn't applicable with the switch to the new system, but I thought I'd go ahead and post it since I know I read as many of yall's timelines as I could when I was in the middle of the whole thing.

DEC2009 - Began treatment for undiagnosed mental health problems
JAN2010 - Diagnosed with dysthymic disorder and ADHD
MAY2010 - Symptoms become noticeably worse, MEB discussed with psychologist but not pursued
06JUN10 - Self-admitted to in-patient mental health ward
09JUN10 - Re-diagnosed as bipolar II.
09SEP10 - Referred to MEB by psychiatrist.
01DEC10 - Processed into MEB system
06DEC10 - Labs for Phase I Physical
07DEC10 - MEB/PEB process and VA benefits briefing
08DEC10 - Phase I physical completed
15DEC10 - Phase II physical completed
15DEC10 - Went on leave
26DEC10 - Returned from leave
28DEC10 - Pre-separation brief completed
31JAN11 - Pscyhiactric Eval completed
16FEB11 - Told by PEBLO all documents have been received, NARSUM completed and signed, awaiting final signatures from hospital staff
23FEB11 - NARSUM signed by me, package delivered to Navy Medical
23FEB11 - Asked for full copy of medical record from hospital Correspondence office
24FEB11 - Copy of medical records completed
25FEB11 - Non-medical assessment requested from my department by Navy Medical
25FEB11 - Received copy of medical records
28FEB11 - Delivered medical records to Navy Medical
10MAR11 - NMA questionnaire completed by LPO, passed to LCPO for Commanding Officer's comments
11MAR11 - Left on leave
16MAR11 - Told that completed NMA sent to Department Chief
21MAR11 - Returned from leave
21MAR11 - Navy MEB coordinator contacts department to ask about NMA, rest of package is complete and at local PSD
22MAR11 - Told that NMA has left department, currently in admin awaiting 'Commander's' signature
23MAR11 - Found out NMA was actually still in department
25MAR11 - Went to admin myself, paperwork not there. Admin called my department.
28MAR11 - Department LCPO signed NMA.
29MAR11 - Signed by department admin and sent to command admin.
31MAR11 - Signed by Executive Assistant
05APR11 - Signed by CMC
05APR11 - Signed by XO
06APR11 - Informed NMA is complete, picked up by me and delivered to Navy Medical
06APR11 - NMA sent to PSD by Navy Medical
??APR11 - Sent by PSD to Washington
12APR11 - MEDBRD showed up in Bupers with a date of February 5th
19APR11 - Received results - 30% TDRL, June 1 separation date
13MAY11 - Terminal leave began

If anybody has any questions I'll do my best to answer them. If it gets a bit unclear in the middle, it's because I was taking notes based off what my department was telling me that turned out not to be true. I'd been trying to keep a lower profile up until that point for fear of slowing down the process, but that changed when I realized my paperwork had been sitting still for nearly a month for absolutely no reason. I don't encourage anybody to be an ass, but keeping yourself visible makes a huge difference at certain points, and sometimes that means calling or showing up in person at the same office day after day until they're annoyed enough to want to get rid of you.

I'm still going through the VA claims process, so I can't provide much info on that side of things. Hope this helps, good luck!

Charles Maine

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Awesome information!! I am just wondering how normal the 6 weeks is that you got your answer until your separation date.
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