Detailer taking matters into their own hand! How?


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A little history about myself. I have been in the Navy for 9 years 2 months. I failed 1 PRT in 2010; truthfully I just didn't try. My husband died while completing the PRT in 2009 and I had anxiety attacks during this particular cycle and felt that I would just take that failure. It was my first and only so personally felt that I couldn't deal with it at that time, but I have passed all since then. I have my Air Warfare pin and I am currently an Instructor for a Navy "c" school and have obtained my qualification as a Master Training Specialist (MTS) as well as my Information Dominance Warfare (IDW) pin. I have only had 2 promotable evaluation in my whole career (1 was my first evaluation ever in the Navy and the other was from when I failed the PRT). I was CAPPED (meritoriously advanced) from E3 to E4 and am currently an E5. My point in this whole paragraph is to show that I am a good if not great sailor. Even my frocking evaluations were always EP's.

So here is the issue. PTS was approved spring 2012. Received orders to a DDG in Sept 2012 to transfer April 2013. December 2012 I reenlisted for 5 years at my 9 year mark (I also received an SRB). The week of my reenlistment I completed my Sea Duty screening and found unsuitable for the DDG that I received orders to. I was found unsuitable for the DDG because they felt that they would not be able to support my osteoporosis because they have no x-ray machines.

The recommendation from the MTF was for me to stay on station and contact the detailer for reassignment. Per the instruction the MTF drafted a memo for my current command; who in turn drafted a Naval message to the detailer for reassignment. Instead of reassignment the detailer passed my naval message on to the LIMDU board. He then told me that we had to wait for a medical board. This was the middle of December.

I kept in contact with my detailer for a month allowing him time to get the issue solved so that I may obtain new orders. The middle of January he tells me that the message that was sent out was incorrect and the statement that read: "No LIMDU / PEB requested at this time." should have read "No LIMDU / NO PEB requested at this time." My command then sent out a corrected copy out. The next day I call the detailer to verify him obtaining the new message and he confirmed receipt but not processed. I gave him a few more days to get everything in order for him to propose new orders for me.

That following week I called him back to verify he received the message and we were ready to go. He asked me to call back the next day. When I did he then began to tell me that they were looking at ADMIN SEP for me. But he could not explain why. I then followed my chain of command again to let them know this new issue. My Chief spoke with my detailer for clarification but he was passed along to the LIMDU coordinator. The LIMDU coordinator explains to him that he only pushes buttons for what the detailers tell him to do. My Chief and I then head over to the MTF to start from the beginning to get clarification to see what went wrong. The DR says that it should have only been an order modification to assign me a new set of orders to a bigger platform. We then went to the administrative office of the MTF to verify that our messages were typed up correctly. We were then informed that everything was sent out correctly the first time and that both variations of that one line meant the same thing. They said that it seemed as though the detailer was blowing smoke.

That was last week. I have no idea what to do or what steps to take. I did go back and see my PCM for the medical issues listed on my unsuitability letter for assistance. He had me take a new bone density scan which showed a 3% positive change. My insomnia was related to my anxiety attacks and has been cleared.

What now? I feel as though something is not right. Are they just trying to get rid of me? Can they admin sep me behind this?


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Thanks. Is there anything that I can do to help things along? I'm not impatient but I dont like to be in the dark not know what is going on. I guess I'm also confused about being seperated for a condition that they did not have an issue with the last time I was stationed on a DDG.


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So I get the message today dated for 2/7/2013 that I had 30 days to seperate. "Command directed to process ____ for administrative seperation within 30 days.....based on snm not being worldwide assignable."


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So to update you all on how things went:
I spoke with a specialist who recommended me for LIMDU with immediate PEB
Went through the whole process and I was found "Fit to continue Active Duty Service". The board members felt that my medical condition has not kept me from doing my job. Which I can somewhat agree to. I did some research there is an instruction that says if a service member is found unsuitable for a medical condition that he/she was found fit by PEB they cannot separate you. It also stated that that member must complete a Medical Assignment Assessment.
Well unfortunately nothing has changed and they are now trying to send me to another ship prior to completing this assessment.

I'm very nervous on what this new outcome will be. I just don't understand how they can play games with our lives and careers by not following protocol but treading grey lines in these instructions. Although I have noticed that it has happened to a lot of service members; many commands do not know how to handle it.

I have a friend who is now going through the same thing. This Sailor was found unsuitable then told to pass a PRT before she could be reevaluated and be removed from LIMDU. She did that now she was found unsuitable for a second time. Instead of them sending her back LIMDU and giving her a MED board or PEB they decide to ADMIN SEP her. Unfortunately for her the doctors are not trying to work with her.

This life we live in the Military can be rewarding at times then there are other times where it sucks. Makes me think I should just accept the ADMIN SEP this time when it comes around. I don't know for sure that they will find me unsuitable but I do know that nothing has changed and no one that has an immediate authority cares.

The screening doctor thinks they are doing you a favor by finding you unsuitable for health concerns but then your doctor doesn't think anything that severe is wrong with you. On the other end of the stick MOST commands don't understand what is happening because they haven't seen it before and the detailers don't care cause its only their job to PUT you ANYWHERE that meets their QUOTA.


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Indeed you cannot be admin separated (or denied reenlistment) for condition a PEB found fitting (it is actually a law). Is the Navy trying to put you on a ship that has the ability to treat your condition while deployed?



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I personally believe that this carrier should be able to treat me. Unfortunately from what the screener told me he didn't recommend me go to a ship at all. So being that there has been no change in my condition this leaves me weary being that they never completed a medical assignment screening. Just have to wait on the ship to respond


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Hello Mr Parker,
How have you been? For me so far so good. I’m now and IT1 and am patiently waiting for the E7 board to happen to see if I made it. With that’s being said I am also patiently waiting to see what the DON will deem “deployable”. Hopefully me being able to be stationed overseas will be enough. 6 more years to hit my 20 and who knows maybe I’ll be someone’s CMC one day when the Navy gets it all right. Just stopping by to say hello and thanks for all u do!
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