Developed Lupus SLE while MEB in process


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So I had an MEB submitted in the beginning of February for antiphospholupid syndrome. This weekend I went to the ER because I was sucking air- and I was diagnosed with pluerisy with small clots. Pluerisy is tell tale sign of lupus SLE so my rheum diagnosed me with that too.

So how would this affect my MEB?


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Was this MEB just to the local board, or was this an IPEB sent to AFPC? (You're AF?) If you haven't signed the IPEB paperwork yet, I don't think there will be a problem with the modification.

Good luck with your health, from a fellow autoimmune sufferer. And, psst, go gluten free. Trust me.


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my medical problems are different from your's, but my problem is still the same. my peb process has taken horrendously long to complete, and over that time my unit has tasked me out to the point where i have developed other physiological problems involving circulatory and nerve damage.

if i receive 30% tdrl for my asthma then i plan on just agreeing with the findings and getting out. if i am not placed on TDRL or PDRL though i plan on appealing, putting in for a request to WTU, and adding my new medical issues to my MEB packet. would i have to start the entire MEB process over again or could i just get a new NARSUM (with medical evidence of course) for my two new medical issues?
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