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I received a letter from DFAS claiming I was overpaid 15,000. Background… i was placed on TDRL initially 100% to 30% PDRL rating with the DoD. I was placed on PDRL in 2018. The proper PDRL documentation was not sent to DFAS until 2021. I was getting paid 400 ish in retirement plus my disability. The 400 stopped in May this year. That’s when I found out I wasn’t suppose to get the extra 400. Basically they overpaid me for 3 years and Uncle Sam wants his money back. My question is has anyone had a similar situation or any advice on filing for a waiver or financial hardship?


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I had an incorrect DFAS debt that they were not correcting. After multiple attempts went nowhere I reached out to my Congressional office who helped me resolve it. If you hit a wall at DFAS that might help you.