Diagnosed with Crohn's Disease in Air Force


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I was recently diagnosed with Crohn's disease after going through a few months of waiting on appointments and tests. The GI doctor indicated that I am asymptomatic, but I do have a fistula.

With being a flyer, I went DNIF. My normal flight doctor is deployed, so I met with one I hadn't ever seen.

From my understanding, I should be going through the IRILO/MEB process followed by a waiver process for flying status. The flight doctor I met with kind of confused me, but I suppose I can try to clarify it.

I believe that I need to be asymptomatic for six month with no abscesses or fistulas to start the IRILO/MEB process.

I started taking Remicade, which I believe I need to take for six months and be stable before a waiver can be submitted for flying status. Maybe my timelines on these are mixed up.

The GI doctor is going to follow-up with me in August to see how I am doing, and have general surgery verify my fistula has cleared up.

With all of this in mind, if everything is in order, I was going to go see my flight doctor about starting to get the IRILO stuff started. If my normal doctor is still deployed, should I switch my PCM or just wait until he returns? I think he is the best doctor there right now, and the other doctor I saw seemed to be very negative about the MEB process. I think I should have a fighting chance at this given that I don't have any of the abdominal pain, weight loss, diarrhea, bloody stool, etc.. I'd rather keep the doctor who seemed more positive about retention when all of this initially was in the testing phase.

Also, does anyone have recent experience with this? I am wondering how often it would get an RTD through the IRILO process versus going to a full Med Board. I've heard that being non-deployable weighs hard into that.



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I was a controller and for me I was put right into the MEB but the. Again I had my condition for about 5 years and started immunosuppressants. I know a buddy of mine got diagnosed with sleep apnea and they made him be DNIC for 2 months prior to putting in for a waiver. I know flight Med has always did things kind of weird. But I know that they are supposed to try to rehab you for x amount of months prior to putting you in a MEB.
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