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Hey there!

I was looking at my DD214 this evening and I noticed that on the Member 4 copy it states: Disability, Permanent (Enhanced) under block 28 for the narrative reason for separation. What does this mean? A quick Google search has indicated that it means my disability was the result of combat? Could it mean anything else. One of the conditions I was rated for took place during training 10 years ago, but that was only a small percentage.

Anyone have any ideas? Does this mean I am entitled to both DOD and VA pay? All of my other paperwork said it wasn't combat related. I'm so confused.


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SEJ is the code for soldiers separating under chapter 4 of Army Regulation
635-40 for permanent disability.

Has nothing to do with combat.

In order to receive both VA and DoD pay at the same time, you either need to have to years in (CRDP) or apply for and receive CRSC.
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