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Long story short I started a medical board back in November. My PEBLO is very, very bad at relaying any information regarding my case. On May 30th she said to stay by my phone because she got status that it was in the final stages of the board. I'm assuming she means the IPEB because a month earlier she said my case was with the Presiding Officer.
I will quote what she wrote me in an email today.

"I actually just received a report from the board yesterday and it is still
at the Disability ratings officer for 19 days now. As soon as I get the
results I will call you."

In the many threads and posts I have read on here they all said that IF my case was forwarded to the VA for ratings then I was found unfit. I said back to her:

"Oh so it is actually with the VA for ratings? That means I was found
unfit...Very good news thank you very much"

Her answer was:
"All IPEB cases have to go to the Disability ratings officer for QA and
approval of recommendations. I hope that helps."

So is the Disability ratings officer with the IPEB or the VA? Does it sound like I was found unfit and just awaiting ratings? This website has provided infinitely more information then my PEBLO and I appreciate any information.

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