Disability Severance Timelines


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So I'm an Army Reserve soldier separated for a non-combat injury on 22 February 2019. After reading the severance package information and discussion with the PEBLO and reading up on the PEB Forums here, I found the approximate amount to look for and approximate timeline. From what I was reading, everything indicates 60 days, however, with it being close to 70 I was advised to reach out to DFAS. The customer center number listed for Disability Severance question only refers you to the Retiree center, which then transfers me at least two times in order to get to a third section. Whomever I speak to then advises me that they have absolutely no record of any claims or tracking on anything for me and advise me to call HRC. HRC then tries to send me back to DFAS.

Is there a way to have any visibility on the package to appease my new commanding officer (Household Six)?? My biggest concern is that there's something that I need to be doing that I don't know, or that something gets screwed up in the process.

Thank you in advance.
Very respectfully,
Jon Butler
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