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Discussions about your case

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If you want to ask a question about your case or want a response about your condition as it relates to the PDES/PEB, I ask you to include some standard info neccesary to give a complete answer.


Branch of Service and component (Active/RC/National Guard).

If Reserve Component, is it a non-duty related case?

Time in Service (break this down into Active Federal Service and total service for those with reserve time).

If applicable, please state if you had this condition before you entered service, and did they address it during your entrance physical. For cases where it did exist prior to service, please state if you can point to anything during your service that worsened the condition.

Please state where your case is in the process (yet to be sent to MEB, at MEB, at Informal PEB, at Formal PEB, at Agency (approval authority), at Administrative appeal (BCMR or other), or in Federal Court. Also include what determinations the service has made.

If you are on TDRL, and if so, for how long have you been.

If you have been rated by the VA for your conditions. If so, please break down your total rating, and just the rating for those conditions the military has found unfitting.

This information will make it easier to have a full picture of your case and to give a better answer. Remember, the comments here are not legal advice and should not be relied on as such. They are informational only and you have to decide what to do in your individual case.

As always, be aware that this forum is easily read by strangers so be careful about posting too much personal information or info that is personally identifying.
Not open for further replies.