Do Disability Severance Pay and Final Pay always come together?


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I'm asking because I received my severance pay a couple weeks ago, but I'm still waiting for my final paycheck (13 days) and 10 days of leave that I sold back.

I separated on 28 June, and my first LES after that was in "status det" and "hold pay" indicating they were doing a final audit. DFAS updated an EOM LES for June a few days ago that includes my Severance, Final Pay, and leave sold in the "Entitlements" column, but the federal tax amount in Deductions is much higher than it should be (thousands more than what was taken out of my severance pay) and is roughly the amount of my final pay/leave sold. The entire LES is zeroed out so that Entitlements minus Deductions and Allowances equals $0 EOM. The "Hold Pay" status was put on "stop", and "status det" was removed.

I can't tell if they're still working a final audit or if there's actually a mistake. I have seen many posts on the forum that seem to indicate severance pay and final pay are usually paid out at the same time...thought that might be a good start.

I was a medical separation straight from MEB, no TDRL.


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I have seen cases where the severance pay was disbursed separately.

Recommend you or your representative call DFAS.

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