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Does anyone know where to find the VASRD from 2004.

Mitch McKinley

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I am currently at 90% through the VA (still fighting for service connection of my sleep apnea). I am at 40% for the issue that the Army medically separated me for.
I was separated from the Army in 2004. I was sent through the MEB/PEB process, and was found unfit for duty due to a destroyed left knee (non-combat related). I appealed the decision and was sent to WRAMC. They upheld the decision and sent me packing as "unfit for duty/0% disabled".
I am currently doing my DD 0294 to request a re-evaluation through the PDBR. I would love to know what the VASRD stated back then. It currently (as of the 2019 revision) states that I would have been separated at 30% and put on the TDRL.
Hoping the board and the Army agree and provide an upgrade from 0 to 30.
But, all that said to ask...has anyone had any luck finding back-dated copies of the VASRDs?


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Hello @Mitch McKinley

Historic VASRDs​

All DoD Disability ratings are based on the VASRD that was in effect at the time of separation, so if you were separated a while ago, you may be rated on older versions of the VASRD. If you were separated between 2001 and the present, make sure to check out our Historic VASRDs page to see how the old VASRDs compare to the current one.

See LINK <----

I believe the regulation is M21-1.