Dual Action Discharge Mess


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Forgive me if I am posting this thread in the wrong forum.

Allow me to give an approximate timeline of my MEB process.

September 2017 - My first contact with mental health, seeking help for depression and anxiety, suicidal thoughts. Inpatient 1 week Psychiatric ICU. Diagnosed with Depression and Anxiety disorder.

October 2017 - failed suicide attempt. 2 months inpatient 2 months intensive outpatient treatment.

January 2018 - MEB begins, psychologist writes narrative summary, waiting to start my doctors appointments at the VA

February 2018 - My life falls apart. A friend asked me if I wanted to explore a ghost town, I thought it sounded fun, we were arrested and charged with felony burglary. Spent a week in jail before being bailed out. MEB placed on hold until I finish my court hearings.

May 2018 - still no conviction. Commander issues LOR for my arrest and initiates administartive discharge (General, under honorable conditions). My first sergeant told me he doesn’t think I’m in the process of an MEB and they plan to have me out of the Air Force in a weeks time. I talked with my PEBLO who said I was in the process of an MEB and she put a code 37 on me, whatever that means, so they can’t admin sep me until the MEB finishes and they send a dual action to the Secaf. My first sergeant still somehow doesn’t believe me and is having me continue outprocessing.

Tomorrow - I am pleading guilty to misdemeanor trespassing and spending 3 weeks in jail. The felony charge no longer exists even though that charge is the basis for my LOR and admin separation.

This entire process has been incredibly draining and stressful for me. I have been unable to sleep, I’ve lost all trust for my leadership, I have dreams of my commander and first sergeant plotting against me to take away all my benefits. I’m concerned they are going to change my discharge characterization to other than honorable to take away the medboard and any chance of education or health benefits.

I think I’m losing my mind and I can’t trust anyone. I still talk with my psychologist weekly but there’s nothing he can do. He’s just there to listen to me talk, which i appreciate but no problems are being solved. I lived at the VA for 2 months while they helped me build a future for myself. I had dreams of going to college and living in an apartment with the GI bill. Now because I wanted to explore a ghost town all of that is being taken away. I can’t go home and work at Walmart for the rest of my life.

I’m sorry for rambling, I’m feeling slightly manic right now and I know there’s probably not much to be said about the ordeal. I just hope I somehow come out of this with the ability to go to school. It’s the only hope I have.

Tomorrow I will be going to jail for three weeks and then I dive back into this hell. Surprisingly, I’m excited to go to jail where I’ll be safe from the Air Force.


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Time to Lawyer up!!! Claim that the mental health issues caused your lapse in judgement that led to the misdemeanor.

How many years do you have in?


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Time to Lawyer up!!! Claim that the mental health issues caused your lapse in judgement that led to the misdemeanor.

How many years do you have in?
Thank you. I have a lawyer for my civilian case but he can’t help with my Air Force stuff. I’ve been in for 3.5 years.
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